I began my artistic journey at Rhode Island School of Design earning a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Art. For over 20 years I’ve worked as an Architectural Designer and draftsman on unique custom shore area residences. This included many renovations and additions where creativity was a must and aesthetic is #1! Working closely with highly artistic architects* was a positive influence on my artwork and aspirations.


*Architects such as Keith Burns of  Warren Grove and Surf City NJ, Lerner Ladds in Providence RI, and George Decker  in Shipbottom NJ
A few years into my architecture career, I also became a successful Sale Director, Recruiter and Instructor for a fortune500 cosmetic company. My team building/ people skills strengthened resulting in recognition, awards, and even a free car!
These successes and achievements bolstered my courage enough to schedule my first art exhibit and sale….32 paintings sold!! That same day I gave up my directorship and decided to become “an artist”.

I began to sell and commission a variety of paintings. I started to coach art classes and seminars, resulting in many loyal students and numerous long-running classes as well as a variety of large paint-party events.

mural n poem pic 15


Then an exciting achievement adds another dimension to my work as an artist. I won the Engage Toms River Community Mural Project commission, a 2600 square foot mural to be completed by over 600 community members of all ages!

This project allowed me to combine all my strengths:

  • Architectural knowledge & experience
  • Artistic talents
  • Coaching/ team building abilities
  • Networking skills

And was the impetus for my original “Esprit de corps art program”; an innovative approach to team building through art work!