Post Winter Paint Night

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One participant adding her own unique detail to her painting. She tells me, “He may look spooky, but he’s really just a lazy goofy ball (of snow). He’s probably telling bad jokes to that other snowman”.

With the holidays approaching I figured now was the time to teach a classic. The class focused on painting a snowy winter scene. This scene included a cozy cabin, frozen over lake, and the participants choice of where to place their pine trees and snowmen.

Participants were excited to add their own flare to their paintings- from adding snow families and snow animals, to actual pets on the porches of the log cabin, to even chunks of cut wood to keep the people in the cabin warm! I enjoyed seeing everyone excited in painting their paintings and helping them in their artistic endeavors. I look forward to teaching more classes at the wonderful new Crop-A-Cabana!


Paint brush count: 32.