Best Art Coach I’ve ever worked with

Liz is by far the best art coach I’ve had. She’s a most talented teacher. The “Mural Project”, Liz’s design, was so exciting to be a part of in Toms River NJ. The mural is a true display of her artistic imagination.

– Dianne from Barnegat, NJ

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Excited for our Tuesday Classes with Liz!

Being able to draw or paint a picture was a desire I had but never thought would materialize. Meeting Liz at our community’s club house was the beginning of accomplishing this yearning.

She said “not to worry everything can be fixed”. Her patience, knowledge and ability to guide you in what you might achieve is exceptional.
My “classmates” and I look forward to our Tuesday afternoons with gusto!

-Jane C from Ocean Country, NJ


Liz helped me become a painter

I never painted before taking Liz’s art class, and here is a picture I painted of a photo we took in Italy. This was about my fourth or fifth painting after a year or two of weekly classes. Liz shares her love of art and enjoys nurturing the creativity of her students, even when they don’t think they have any talent.

-Mary B.

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Great for polishing up on skills

I have been drawing ever since I was young and have been painting since I was in high school. After college however, I had stopped painting. Ever since learning about Liz’s classes and paint parties I have been eager to paint again. Talking with Liz really inspired me to start again and learn more then I ever have. Having Liz be an art coach really helped me get back into the swing of things and even learn something new. I am very excited to go to another class! I am even considering having a paint night of my own for me and some friends! Thank you Liz for being not only helpful in guidance, but also very kind and patient.

-Amanda S from Brick, NJ

Looking forward to our Tuesday Classes!

My name is Jane Waterman.  I reside in a 55+ community. One of the activities offered to us is Art. I was never one to be able to draw but in meeting Liz she assured me that it was possible. Acrylic  paints would be used and anything can be fixed.

True to her word she has brought me along in a way that it possible for me to share with my family  paintings (although rough) I have completed .It is a great feeling. My “classmates” and I look forward to Tuesday afternoons with gusto!

-Jane W from Sea Breaze, NJ


Art teacher extraordinaire Liz has made my dream of being a artist come true.

-Angie W from Lacey